Vigorous exercise could hinder ability to get pregnant


Exercise for pregnant womenAccording to a new study, vigorous exercise can delay pregnancy for women except those who are considered overweight or obese.

More than 3,600 women who took part in the study were recruited from the general population, not from infertility patients. The results of the study found that as little as two hours of vigorous exercise a week could reduce a woman’s chance of getting pregnant if she was considered normal weight. However, that was not the case with women considered overweight or obese.

The findings indicate that physical activity of any type might improve fertility among overweight and obese women, who are usually at higher risk of infertility.

Lean women who substitute vigorous physical activity with moderate physical activity may also improve their fertility.

Vigorous physical activity includes exercise that increases the heart rate including running, fast cycling, swimming and aerobics. Moderate exercise includes activities like brisk walking, leisurely cycling and golf.

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  1. Marina 04/09/2012, 10:06 am:

    By what percentages were the fertility of the two groups affected? Is this something that active women should be seriously worried about?

  2. Laurent Filles 04/13/2012, 11:39 am:

    Why women with overweight have higher risk of infertility?

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