A pregnant woman who bought U.S. donor egg talks


Donor EggInfertile Canadian women are forced to make a complex decision about purchasing a human egg from the U.S. due to confusion over the cross-border trade, says an Ottawa woman pregnant with a donor egg.

Claudia is 37 weeks pregnant and eagerly awaiting parenthood. She told CBC News that she has premature ovarian aging, and that it is impossible for her to conceive naturally.

Canadian lawmakers have weighed the pros and cons touching on an explosive list of legal, social and ethical issues that include the exploitation of surrogates and the sale of sperm and eggs before the “advent of cryopreservation”.

Officially, it is illegal to sell eggs and sperm in Canada, but rules are rarely enforced. Many believe that Canada is in a shameful place regarding this matter. They perceive that women, couples, children and the Canadian population overall are worse off without a clear context for using reproductive technologies over exploitation fears.

The unregulated landscape of the industry is a problem, and it is important that the federal government catches up with improvements in technology.

By not allowing payments for egg donations in Canada, the availability of eggs is limited.

For her part, Claudia thinks it would be better to pay a Canadian for an egg rather than face the extra burden of going to the U.S.

Tremendous strides are being made so that more people can have the family that they dream of and the Canadian government needs to keep up with those changes.

Egg donor NYC sees a good number of Canadians at their practice and the principal reason is the restrictive law about egg donation in Canada.


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  1. Nancy Johns 04/26/2012, 8:25 am:

    This must be a very difficult decision for women in Canada who need an egg donor.

  2. Bleu 04/30/2012, 10:39 am:

    I think Canadian Goverment should consider women that cant get pregnant. Travelling is not only expensive but also stressful for a woman that is only dreaming with a baby.

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