Study Links Diabetes in Babies to What Pregnant Mothers Eat


A new study has discovered a link between having a poor diet during pregnancy to negative effects on the way the unborn baby stores fat while in the womb.

Gastroenterology Chicago specialist in liver and digestive disease, recommend certain foods to promote healthy liver and digestive function and to prevent disease. Given the findings of this study pregnant women will have to take extra care not just for the sake of their own health, but also for their baby’s health.

What the researchers found was that eating poorly while pregnant causes the baby to store extra fat and these fat deposits can be passed over to the liver or other places that put the baby at much higher risk for Type 2 diabetes.

The study was conducted by the Medical Research Council Toxicology Unit at the University of Leicester. Study director Professor Anne Willis connected the research findings to the fact that our bodies deal with the extra calories and fat in the common western diet by storing excess calories in fat cells. When our bodies run out of places to put the extra fat, it goes to places like the liver, which can be very dangerous since the liver plays an important function in eliminating waste and toxins from our bodies.

Gastroenterology Chicago consultants at North Shore, who are not involved in this study, provide extensive diagnosis treatments for liver disease, because if left untreated can severely affect the patient’s overall health.

The researchers in this study isolated the genetic molecule miR-483-3p in pregnant rats and found that mice ate low protein diets gave birth to offspring with higher levels of miR-483-3p, and as a result had smaller fat cells and decrease ability to store fat during adulthood. Humans are believed to function in the same way, according to a study published in the Journal Cell Death and Differentiation.

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  1. Jill 01/31/2012, 2:26 pm:

    I read a really interesting article recently about brown fat. It’s amazing how many different types of fat there are and how food and exercise influence how the body stores fat.

  2. Ashley 02/01/2012, 4:08 pm:

    Eating poorly during pregnancy is not a good idea!

  3. Teddy 02/02/2012, 3:26 pm:

    Also if you gain too much weight during your pregnancy it can give way to complications during delivery.

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